Work Life, Well-lived

A Non-B.S. Approach Based on Our Science Backed Research to Empower People, Companies and Leaders to Create Real Wellbeing in Their Work Life and Workplace

At Motives Met we sought out to answer the burning question, what creates wellbeing at work? Or put another way, what makes a work life well-lived?

We found that how we have traditionally approached work wellbeing is wrong, so we created Motives Met to help get it right. Our solution is void of false promises of easy fixes or one-size-fits-all answers and our findings are contrary to popular belief and the same recycled information circulating on the internet.

Through all of our quantitative research we found that real happiness, mental health and wellness at work is when motives are met.

The Motives CircumplexTM

The 28 Human Needs Driving Wellbeing at Work

Achievement Personal Strengths Clear Expectations Peer Appreciation Company Appreciation Self-Esteem Peer Connection Belonging Fun Manager Support Security Calmness Fairness Work/Life Harmony Balanced Pace Shared Culture Prestige Trustworthy Leadership Passion Purpose Growth Challenge Future Success Variety Innovation Flexibility Autonomy Free Expression

Motives are the psychological, emotional and social needs at work, they are at the heart of the ability to thrive. We identified 28 primary motives, the data behind these motives groups them into 10 domains.

Wellbeing is personal, a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work

» While we can all require aspects of these 28 human needs to thrive, we don’t need them to the same degree, in the same way, at the same time throughout our career.

» What the research showed is that when people’s most important needs are met, when their top motives are healthy, they have the greatest wellbeing, motivation and don’t walk out the door.

» We aren’t often aware of our most important needs or the needs of others, or mindful of them in our decisions. That’s why we developed a data-driven assessment  to uncover people’s most important motives in the present along with a 40+ page personal guide for individuals and valuable resources to help leaders meet these needs.

The Motives Met Assessment

Elevating mental health, creating happy teams & a true people-first culture is hard, Motives Met makes it easier

The Ultimate Wellbeing & Psychological Safety Digital Tool for Leaders

» Supporting the 28 motives in your team and organization is no small task. That’s why we have done the heavy lifting for leaders and managers to have an actionable, simple tool to help them create the environment for motives to thrive, structure effective 1:1’s personalized to each employee and be able to coach in impactful ways.

» Leaders have access to an interactive digital motive hub that includes information, insights, tips and wellness check-in questions for their employees and leadership reflection questions for themselves for all motives.



We customize a solution based on your strategic objectives

How Can We Help You Create a Work Life Well-Lived?

Training, webinars & employee learnings

  • Create shared meaning & understanding on what work wellbeing is using our framework, insights and training. Cultivate the “Motives Mindset” using our Work Life Well-Lived Principles.

The Motives met assessment

  • Our assessment and team report reveals which motives are most important to your people and why. Take a personalized approach to thriving at work and create a culture where wellbeing is co-created by all. The assessment helps your employees, team or organization look at work wellbeing from a new empowering perspective to make it attainable.

The Wellbeing leadership experience

  • Created by client demand, we developed a leadership experience that trains leaders and managers in how to create most impact with Motives Met. This option or a hybrid approach is for clients who want to focus on leadership development.


  • Gather simple wellbeing analytics, a way to measure and track wellbeing over time. Use data on the degree motives are thriving, surviving or suffering to inform decision-making and identify areas of strength and weakness.


  • It’s one thing to use psychological safety as a buzzword, it’s another to give leaders the much-needed actionable tool to help them create it. As well as make 1:1’s an effective asset for themselves and their people, having the ability to listen as well as advocate and coach in new impactful ways.


  • Run your own post-assessment workshops using our guide or use our facilitators. Whether it’s sharing motive stories for team connection or exploring the builders & blockers to identify actionable ways to strengthen and elevate the 28 needs in your culture, getting people together to talk about motives creates big impact.


A different approach that gets you results


Our tools are rooted in our research, everything we do began with curiousity and years of research and development. We are a data-driven solution with the insights that prove when motives are met at work, everyone wins. 


For a better work world to be
possible, everyone needs to support
their own motives as well as the needs of others. Motives Met is uniquely built to empower individuals, peers and leaders to bring out the best in themselves and others at work.


We pride ourselves on taking a unique approach to work wellbeing that
honors the truth that it’s multi-faceted, messy and personal. No false promises of easy fixes or one-size-fits-all answers,
but a proven path to get you to where you want to go.

The Non-B.S. Guide to Creating a Culture of Wellbeing

A roadmap based on the latest wellbeing science to elevate mental health and happiness for your workplace or team and retain your best people


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