Work Life, Well-lived

Creating Real Wellbeing in Your Work Life or Workplace

At Motives Met we sought out to answer the burning question, what creates wellbeing at work? Or put another way, what makes a work life well-lived? Through all of our quantitative research we found that real happiness, mental health and wellness at work is when motives are met.

The Motives CircumplexTM

Achievement Personal Strengths Clear Expectations Peer Appreciation Company Appreciation Self-Esteem Peer Connection Community Fun Manager Support Security Calmness Fairness Work/Life Harmony Balanced Pace Shared Culture Prestige Trustworthy Leadership Passion Purpose Growth Challenge Future Success Variety Innovation Flexibility Autonomy Free Expression

Motives are the psychological, emotional and social needs at work, they are at the heart of work wellbeing and the ability to thrive. 

We identified 28 primary motives that create wellbeing at work, the data behind these motives groups them into 10 domains.

Motives Met empowers people to better understand, communicate, measure and meet these vital motives for themselves, the people they work with, manage or lead to create a better work world for all.

How Can We Help You Create a Work Life Well-Lived?

Take the assessment and uncover my top motives

Create your best work life and be happier in your career by uncovering your top motives along with a 50+ page actionable guide to assess the health of your motives, get them better met and more.

Motives Met for my
team or company

Whether it’s our workshops,  data-driven assessment tool or measuring the health of motives at your organization, we provide the optimal tools to elevate wellbeing using the latest research.  

The Meeting motives
wellbeing solution

Are you a leader, HR professional or have a position in wellbeing, people or culture at your company? Find out more about our complete program to empower the
co-creation of a work wellbeing culture.

The Non-B.S. Guide to Creating a Culture of Wellbeing

A roadmap based on the latest wellbeing science to elevate mental health and happiness for your workplace or team and retain your best people

Live Your Best Work Life

The ugly truth is wellbeing at work is messy, complex and personal. When it comes to motives there are no favorites, they are all critical aspects of work wellbeing. We can all need these things to be happy and well at work, but we don’t need them to the same degree, at the same point in time or in the same way. 

That’s why we created a data-driven assessment, founded in psychological principles and backed by our extensive quantitative research to determine the top motives, what is MOST important to each one of us in this season of our work life. When these top needs are met, when these motives are healthy, we thrive. Our research shows people with strong motives have greater work wellbeing, a better relationship with stress, feel they are living their best work life and are more likely to stay at their company.


Your unique Motives Met results will reveal your top 5 motives and actionable insights to strengthen your motives in your full 50+ page personal practical guide. See what’s included for individuals or for teams and companies.


Why Motives Matter

 Motives Met is more than an assessment, it’s a multi-faceted tool to enhance communication, mindfulness, leadership and connection. The door opens to important reflection and conversations critical to getting these needs met that would not happen otherwise. Understanding ourselves and the people we interact with in our work becomes easier and our decisions become wiser. Companies and HR professionals have a powerful resource to keep their best people around for the long-haul and identify problems big and small that inhibit success. It provides a shared language for deeper understanding and a concrete tangible way to measure and enhance our work wellness for ourselves, our teams and organizations. Most importantly, it’s about cultivating the Motives Mindset to help us achieve the attainable dream of a work life well-lived.