About Us

Our co-founding team at Motives Met believes in the possibility of a better work world. We have taken our extensive background in research, data, psychology and human behavior to understand what it means to be a great leader, have well-being and happiness at work and create an exceptional company. Motives Met is part of building a better future and we are thrilled to finally share it with you.

Kelly Mackin



Kelly’s Motives:

Autonomy, Flexibility, Achievement, Future Success, Security


As a quantitative researcher, coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, Kelly has built a career around her enthusiasm for understanding why we do what we do and how to reach our potential.  She conducts research to gain insights into pivotal areas in our lives, such as our emotional states, relationships, stressors and behavioral drivers, using her findings to develop frameworks and models to better understand the world and ourselves to make positive change.

She is a certified mind management coach, and forever student of learning about our human brains and the science of how we think. As a meditation teacher and mindfulness expert she uses the ancient wisdom, now backed by science, in a practical way to improve life in and outside of work, in our modern world.

Kelly wanted to use her expertise to challenge how we think about work so we could elevate it. She created Motives Met with the intention to bring more mindfulness into how we work, change our mindset about the norms in our workplaces and empower people to have a work life with greater well-being.

When asked about her proudest moments, Kelly would tell you it was standing at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp. Hailing from sunny San Diego, CA, you can often find her spending time outside or in the boxing ring.

Mary Mackin

Vice President


Mary’s Motives:

Community, Self-Esteem, Manager Support, Fairness, Security


Whether for blue-chip brands, academic institutions, or non-profit organizations, Mary has been researching, quantifying and uncovering meaningful human insights her entire career.

She has pioneered various R&D initiatives and created innovative proprietary research tools for measuring emotion and motivation, quantifying belief and core human values, and identifying the “passion points” that drive the human heart.  Mary is always looking to gain a deeper understanding of the “why” and delights in using data to tell impactful stories that matter.

She was SVP of Research Services at Leo Burnett, the 4th largest creative advertising network, before co-founding McQueen Mackin & Associates, a non-profit research consultancy.

For Mary Motives Met was an opportunity to help create a dynamic where the company and employee relationship is a mutualistic one; that will result in greater success for all. She wanted to create the tool that she wished she had as a leader throughout her career.

A midwestern soul at heart, Mary resides in the Bay Area with her family. When she’s not busy trying to change our working world for the better, she’s most likely spending quality time with her kids (and beating them in Parcheesi for the second time of the day)!

Josh McQueen

Head of research & INNOVATION

Josh’s Motives:

Innovation, Calmness, Personal Strengths, Variety, Community


A lover of data and algorithms, Josh is a natural problem solver and innovator, using his expertise and well-rounded skill set to create positive impact.

Data scientist, philanthropist, thought leader and champion of creativity are just a few ways to describe Josh. “Author” was added to the list when he published his first book: Building Brand Trust: Discovering the Insights Behind Great Brands.

His professional interests include a portfolio of blue-chip clients, aiding in organizations reaching their goals, and creating frameworks so people can better understand themselves and their surroundings. Eager to use his expertise to help mission-based groups thrive, he co-founded McQueen Mackin & Associates to support a wide range of cause-related organizations.

He served as the EVP of Research and Innovation Worldwide for Leo Burnett, the 4th largest creative advertising network. While there, he led various research, technology and database activities. He also had a front row seat when great employees decided to leave and the reason behind those departures. There was a clear missing link between companies and the needs of their employees.

From where Josh sat, he could see that communication about the important things to people in their work life was missing. He wanted to build Motives Met so that these conversations could happen and leaders and managers were empowered to keep their best people.  

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Josh can often be found spending time with his family or playing 18 on his local golf course.