For Individuals



Once you purchase and complete the Motives Met assessment, you will receive your unique profile and practical guide, designed to help you create your best possible work life.


The Motives Met Assessment Includes:

The Top 5 Motives you need met to live your best work life.
A “Work Wellness Check-in” and health of your motive summary tailored to each of your specific motives to help you get them met.
Tips to help others better understand, encourage and support your motives.


Your results will also present you with a customized circumplex, so that you can see exactly where your motives lie in relationship to one another, and how your “motive map” may be similar or different to others.

Your results will be downloadable automatically upon completion, and are easily shareable with colleagues, managers, family, or friends.

Your Motives Circumplex

Purchase your assessment and enter the code.

Take the 15-20 minute online assessment.

Automatically receive your unique profile for creating your best work life!

People who have completed their Motives Met assessment:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what they need to be more fulfilled in their work life with their customized results.
  • Have a powerful tool to help them make better decisions both at and regarding work.
  • Have a simple way to assess which parts of their work life are optimal for them and which are not.
  • Create better relationships with those they work with and manage A) by being able to more effectively communicate their own motives, and B) by being more aware of the motives of others.
  • Have fresh, accurate language to talk about what they are looking for in their current position or in a new job, and are empowered to seek out opportunities to get their truest motives met.