Motives & Your Team or Organization


When you put motives at the heart of your team or organization, you create a culture where everyone is empowered, takes responsibility, and is a change agent for a better collective workplace and work relationships.

Well-being happens when individuals, work peers, managers, and leaders show up for themselves and each other in meaningful ways to honor, protect, and elevate the 28 motives.



A people-first culture means prioritizing employees human needs. We empower people leaders to lead with motives in mind and create cultures where everyone meets motives together. When motives are met in your workplace it leads to some exceptional benefits. Our research shows when you care for the needs that drive employee well-being it results in a reciprocal commitment from employees to the overall health of the organization. 

Less Stress & Burnout

Psychological Safety & Trust

Increased Retention

Connection & Happiness

Engagement & Motivation


Actionable tools and solutions to make it easier for you to create a workplace where people thrive and results thrive. 

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The Motives Met Human Needs Assessment

Our assessment tool is the ultimate door opener to creating a team or organization where motives are strong. Discover the motives that matter most for your people, adopting a personalized vs. one-size-fits-all approach. You will foster a workplace where people are more mindful of motives and welcome motive diversity.

Learn more about how it works, team reports, & what’s included.

When you use The Human Needs Assessment you:

  • Give leaders a tool to take a people-first approach and show their employees they care about their mental health and happiness, which goes a long way!


  • Illuminate blindspots that are sources of dissatisfaction and tension you weren’t aware of.
  • Create more authentic connections by helping employees know those they work with as human first, beyond just their personality or strengths.
  • Develop mindfulness, a self -awareness for employees and “other-awareness” to help people be intentional in how they show up at work for themselves and others to meet motives.

Motives Human Connection Software

Technology that amplifies human connection by making meaningful conversations about what matters most to employees happen. Using our platform managers and leaders can have one-on-one and team motive conversations in an optimized way that increases psychological safety and trust and coaches them to develop their leadership skills. These “stay” interviews (rather than exit interviews), help develop action plans to captivate your top talent and meet motives in your team or culture.

When you connect with your team members through our platform you: 

  • Have a gateway to human connection and beneficial communication around what employees need at work, often a missing conversation, especially in virtual work environments.
  • Make 1:1’s an effective asset for yourself and your team, creating meaningful conversations with trust and psychological safety that matter and a greater open feedback culture.
  • Learn important things about your people that allow you to support, motivate, and coach in new impactful ways.
  • Cultivate the ability to have courageous conversations at work and enhance connection along with strengthening other qualities like emotional intelligence, vulnerability, mindfulness, and compassion.

Motives Workshops

In our post-assessment workshops, we address the three pillars needed to co-create a workplace where motives thrive: individuals (you), work peers (we), and organizational culture (us). Participants are empowered to elevate their motives and are better equipt to support the needs of others. Workshops are customizable based on your unique needs and goals.

When you get people together to talk and interact through motives you:

  • Create connection through sharing motive stories and deepen participants’ familiarity with the people they work with, having a better understanding of why they do what they do.
  • Help everyone embrace need diversity or “motive diversity,” which is a must-have for well-being at work.
  • Gather new information, ideas, and strategies that will lead to actionable takeaways to better meet motives.
  • Make people feel heard, psychological safety amplified, and areas of change can be identified. It’s also an important opportunity to identify areas of strength that should be celebrated and rewarded.

Well-Being & Culture Analytics

Evaluating motives gives you vital well-being and culture analytics to track over time. To what degree do employees feel their top motives are met? Are certain motives thriving or suffering and why? Using our simple motive survey you gain insight into the health of motives in your workplace.

When you evaluate motives you:

  • Use a data-driven approach to health and happiness at work, gaining insight into the degree motives are thriving in your culture and the well-being of employees.
  • Show employees you are taking action by measuring motives and actively working to improve and maintain them.
  • Have well-being data you can track over time and use the findings to see the ROI for your efforts, inform wiser decision-making on areas of weakness you may want to invest more heavily in.
  • Give managers and leaders the ability to see weaknesses and blindspots they wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.

Coaching, Webinars
& Motive Learnings

Cultivate the “Motives Mindset,” the shared knowledge and understanding around creating your best workplace where motives are met to everyone’s benefit. To help cultivate that mindset we share our Work Life Well-Lived Principles, fundamental truths that are a guide for strengthening motives. Whether it’s in webinars or training sessions, we share the framework and insights around motives to help leaders, teams, and organizations thrive. 

When you knowledge share with Motives Met:

  • You get everyone on the same page of what well-being at work means and the pivotal role they play so you can achieve it.
  • Have the ability to determine if the Motives Mindset is embraced, emphasized, rewarded, and enforced or if it’s lacking.
  • Give people the shared vocabulary to clearly and easily talk with others  – whether a manager, coworker, or partner – about what matters to them in the work world and why.
  • Empower people to strategize how to elevate their well-being and the well-being of others.

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A No B.S. Approach to Creating Your Best Work life & Workplace

Motives tend to be a critical yet missing conversation at work. It isn’t the norm to communicate them and there isn’t common vocabulary to help people talk about them…until now. Motives Met is the conversation starter that provides the must needed shared langauge to talk about the stuff that matters in a way that can be easily understood.

The work world is evolving at a rapid pace, with increased automation, remote working, declining employee engagement, and ever-changing technology. That makes these conversations more important than ever. The future of work is much more emotionally intelligent than what previous generations were used to (and we’re here for it!).

Motives are at the heart of well-being in the workplace. When you use the Motives Met Assessment, you aren’t just talking wellness or implementing a one-off program. You’re living it, and your employees will admire you for it. Happier people, who have their emotional and psychological needs met, create a healthier more thriving business.