Motives & Your Company or Team

 When people’s needs are met, when motives are healthy, individuals, teams, managers and entire companies thrive. When motives are left unmet, stress and burnout rises, engagement decreases and people are more likely to walk out the door.

We know through our research that employees with strong healthy motives feel they have greater wellbeing, that you authentically care about their mental health, and it creates a deeper commitment to your company. When met, motives are an organizations most powerful resource.

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Empower the Co-Creation of a Work Wellbeing Culture at Your Company


When you use our Meeting Motives Pathway to Wellbeing Solution, founded in research and psychology, you aren’t just talking about wellness, reducing stress and mental health, or implementing a one and done program, you’re living it.

Our comprehensive program empowers people, companies and leaders to understand, be mindful of, measure, communicate and ultimately meet motives to create better work cultures, relationships and workplaces for all. It includes a strategic roadmap, workshops and our assessment tool, all based on the latest wellbeing science.



The assessment helps your team or organization look at work wellbeing from a new empowering perspective so you can achieve it. It’s a multi-faceted tool to enhance mindfulness, connection, emotional intelligence and leadership. Managers, HR pros and cultural change makers have the much needed tool to understand what their people need to thrive and can offer the individualized consideration necessary for true wellness at work. 

We make it easy to use with a customized dashboard and give you free resources like a workshop guide. If you would prefer to have us help you out with the assessment, we can do that to!

Use the Assessment to Create a Company People Want to Work At, and Be a Leader They Want to Work For

Who We Help

  • Leaders who want to get workplace wellbeing right.
  • Companies who care about changing the root cause of ill-being and stress at work instead of putting on temporary band-aids.
  • HR professionals and chief people officers who want to create amazing work cultures.
  • Managers who have been told they need (and also want to!) create happier fulfilled teams, and provide emotional and mental health, but don’t know the best way to do that.
  • Thought leaders in wellness and mental health who want to join us in our mission.

How We Help

When you use the assessment, you can see your company or team’s unique Motive Circumplex and have the
opportunity to gather meaningful data, uncover valuable insights and have important conversations. How healthy
are each of the 28 motives at your company or for your team? Which ones are thriving, surviving or suffering?
What needs, a.k.a. motives, are most important to your people and why?

     You are empowered to answer critical questions needed to
     elevate wellbeing:

  • How do the people I work with feel most appreciated?
  • When it comes to the WORK/LIFE BALANCE motive, is it more about separation or integration?
  • CALMNESS and BALANCED PACE are under-met, is this a sign of burn-out?
  • The motives in the Advancement Domain are weak, what growth opportunities would strengthen these motives?
  • What do the motives in the Success Domain mean for my team? How do they each define success?
  • How can we support the COMMUNITY, FUN and PEER CONNECTION motives given the shift to remote working?
  • The PASSION and PURPOSE motives are of top importance and well met, why is that? How can we leverage it?


Your Unique Circumplex

Motives tend to be a critical yet missing conversation at work. It isn’t the norm to communicate them and there isn’t common vocabulary to help people talk about them…until now. Motives Met is the conversation starter that provides the must needed shared langauge to talk about the stuff that matters in a way that can be easily understood.

The work world is evolving at a rapid pace, with increased automation, remote working, declining employee engagement, and ever-changing technology. That makes these conversations more important than ever. The future of work is much more emotionally intelligent than what previous generations were used to (and we’re here for it!).

Motives are at the heart of well-being in the workplace. When you use the Motives Met Assessment, you aren’t just talking wellness or implementing a one-off program. You’re living it, and your employees will admire you for it. Happier people, who have their emotional and psychological needs met, create a healthier more thriving business.