The Motives Met Assessment


True wellbeing at work is when people’s motives are met. When you use the assessment you are able to put insights into action to protect, honor and elevate motives in your culture to everyone’s benefit. Managers can manage better, co-workers are more mindful and collaborative, and employees make more empowered decisions.

Just by using the assessment you are showing employees you care about their happiness and that mental health matters, and that goes a long way. 

The Motives Circumplex provides a framework for work wellbeing, whether it’s FLEXIBILITY, MANAGER SUPPORT, CLEAR EXPECTATIONS or PASSION, as a leader or organization you need to care about all of them. Where work wellness gets even more difficult is that it’s personal, every employee has different motives that need greater attention and are driving them in this season. The reason a motive is of top importance to one person may be because it’s threatened or suffering, but for someone else it could be because it’s tied to their values or a specific goal. Two people can have the same exact motive, yet how that motive gets met, the obstacles in the way and the opportunities to strengthen it will vary. This makes meeting motives to create wellbeing at work hard, but that’s why we created the Motives Met Assessment, to make it easier. 


Motives Met Helps You:

  • Open the door to critical converesations about employees most important needs that wouldn’t happen otherwise. It helps normalize talking about motives, provides shared language that’s more effective and can create greater psychological safety for honest communication.
  • Measure which motives are thriving, surviving or suffering. It gives you insight and data into what’s working in your culture and what’s not. It points out blindspots, opportunities and beliefs and behaviors that have room for growth.
  • Optimize the performance and contribution of each team member, leading to greater achievement and overall success.
  • Cultivate the Motives Mindset in your culture using our Work Life Well-Lived Principles. It helps employees switch from passive to active in creating wellbeing and brings out the best in themselves and others at work.
  • Gives managers a much needed practical tool for better motivating, managing and supporting wellbeing with a personalized approach.
  • Creates better relationships all the way around. People are able to understand and accept motive diversity, show up more mindfully, connect in a more authentic way, share motive stories and even more difficult work relationships become easier.

The Motives Met Assessment For Companies Includes:

Individual Assessments, so that each person receives their own unique results containing their top 5 motives, indicators of motive satisfaction, a personalized Work Wellness Check-in and a guide to create their motive story.

A Company Dashboard that makes it easy to distribute and manage motive results across teams and individuals.

Workshop Guide & Resources, to help you leverage the assessment to create a superior workplace. Materials include a welcome guide, an overview presentation to share with your company, and a guide for multiple workshops that you can customize.

Using Motives Met for Your Company is Simple

Purchase the exact amount of assessments you need for your organization. Each assessment code is $24.00

Use our company dashboard to distribute individual access codes and manage your account.

Use insights to strengthen individual and team performance and connection, and to enhance management skills.

Once you purchase your company code, you will receive step-by-step instructions for administering the assessment and managing your account.
We’ll support you every step of the way!

Prefer to have us help you out with the details? Get in touch and let’s chat.

Motives tend to be a critical yet missing conversation at work. It isn’t the norm to communicate them and there isn’t common vocabulary to help people talk about them…until now. Motives Met is the conversation starter that provides the must needed shared langauge to talk about the stuff that matters in a way that can be easily understood.

The work world is evolving at a rapid pace, with increased automation, remote working, declining employee engagement, and ever-changing technology. That makes these conversations more important than ever. The future of work is much more emotionally intelligent than what previous generations were used to (and we’re here for it!).

Motives are at the heart of well-being in the workplace. When you use the Motives Met Assessment, you aren’t just talking wellness or implementing a one-off program. You’re living it, and your employees will admire you for it. Happier people, who have their emotional and psychological needs met, create a healthier more thriving business.