The Motives Met Assessment

People-First, Person-Centered

From all of our research (and we have done a lot of it!), we know that well-being is personal and starts with nourishing each individual’s vital human needs at work while creating a culture where all of the 28 motives can thrive.

When you use the Motives Met Human Needs Assessment, managers can manage better, co-workers are more mindful and collaborative, and employees take ownership of their happiness. Everyone makes more empowered decisions and co-creates a workplace where collectively you thrive.  

Your Unique Motives Results & Report

What does thriving look like for your team or company?

When you use the Motives Met Assessment you gain insight into the most important needs of your people and why. You gain insight into where your team or company falls on the motive map and are able to evaluate the degree motives are thriving, or suffering.


Using Motives Met for Your Company is Simple

How it works & what’s included



$34 per assessment code + per employee account fee

  • The small per employee account fee is dependant on your group size, discounts are offered for larger groups.
  • This experience includes everything above including personal onboarding, account set up and your custom post-assessment report for your team or organization.

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$34 per assessment code

  • We have made it easy for you to purchase codes and distribute the assessment yourself if that’s where you would like to start. You will receive instructions for administering the assessment and managing your account after checkout.
  • This does not include onboarding, account help or a custom report, but you will have your custom dashboard and workshop guide.

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Motives tend to be a critical yet missing conversation at work. It isn’t the norm to communicate them and there isn’t common vocabulary to help people talk about them…until now. Motives Met is the conversation starter that provides the must needed shared langauge to talk about the stuff that matters in a way that can be easily understood.

The work world is evolving at a rapid pace, with increased automation, remote working, declining employee engagement, and ever-changing technology. That makes these conversations more important than ever. The future of work is much more emotionally intelligent than what previous generations were used to (and we’re here for it!).

Motives are at the heart of well-being in the workplace. When you use the Motives Met Assessment, you aren’t just talking wellness or implementing a one-off program. You’re living it, and your employees will admire you for it. Happier people, who have their emotional and psychological needs met, create a healthier more thriving business.