The Motives Met Human Needs Assessment

The Ultimate Door Opener to
Thriving at Work

From all of our research (and we have done a lot of it!), we know that well-being is personal and starts with nourishing each individual’s vital human needs at work while creating a culture where all of the 28 motives can thrive.

When you use the Motives Met Human Needs Assessment, leaders attract and captivate employees for the long haul, co-workers are more mindful and collaborative, and employees take ownership of their happiness. Everyone makes more empowered decisions and co-creates a workplace where collectively you thrive.

Your Unique Motives Results & Report

With the assessment you gain insight into where your team or company falls on the motive map and are able to evaluate the degree various motives are thriving or suffering.

From “One-Size-Fits-None” Leadership to a Personalized Approach That Works

When you use the Motives Met Assessment you take a personalized approach instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that falls short. By understanding the top motives driving each person you can coach, lead, motivate, and support in ways that matter most.


Motives Met Empowers You To:

  • Give leaders and managers a much-needed tangible tool for best motivating, managing, and supporting their employees which leads to greater retention.
  • Create open motive communication with greater psychological safety, having meaningful conversations about what matters most at work that wouldn’t happen otherwise.
  • Create a workplace that is human, where authentic human connection is amplified and things like emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion are strengthened.
  • Optimize the performance and contribution of each team member, leading to greater achievement and overall success.
  • Not just talk about well-being and mental health, but take real action and show employees you care about their health and happiness which goes a long way!
  • Develop a people-first action plan to create a culture where people can be well and perform well at work. Identify blindspots and weaknesses, while celebrating strengths and identifying opportunities.
  • Evaluate which motives are thriving, surviving, or suffering and why. Have insights into what’s working in your culture, relationships, and processes and what’s not.
  • Embrace need diversity or “motive diversity,” to build a culture where all motives are respected and protected.

Using Motives Met for Your Company is Simple


*Pro Level Account



Assesment – Do it Yourself

$38.99per assessment code


  • Purchase codes and distribute the assessment to your employees.

*Instructions included after checkout.


  • Premium Motive Report for each employee.
  • Motives Met Welcome Guide & Roadmap.
  • Access your basic dashboard with employee results.

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Assessment – MM Dashboard
& Report

$38.99per assessment code

+Report & Account
*based on number of employees
  • Motives Met creates your account and distributes the assessment to your employees.
  • Premium Motive Report for each employee.
  • Custom team/organization report and 30-minute debrief session with Motives Met team.
  • Discussion and activity guide.
  • Access your premium interactive motives dashboard with results.

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Assessment +Human Connection Software™ – All Access

$38.99per assessment code

+Software Access
*based on number of employees

Everything in the Pro account:

  • Motives Met account & assessment distribution.
  • Premium Motive Report for each employee
  • Custom Team/Organization report, activity guide, and 30-minute debrief.
  • Premium interactive motives dashboard with results.
  • Yearly access to our Human Connection Software™.

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