Motives Met started with a single question…


Turns out the world didn’t know. 


We are NOT going to tell you that we have “THE ANSWER” to achieving your optimal work life or workplace because there is no one right answer or magic formula. There is a lot of noise out there that tells you purpose, fairness, or belonging is the answer. There is research that shows employees leave their company because of a bad boss, but other research shows it’s because of a lack of growth opportunities or flexibility. Some experts will tell you it’s about work-life balance, appreciation, or security.

There is an overwhelming amount of information that’s contradictory. Our solution is void of the B.S. of false promises of easy fixes, band-aid cover-ups, and one-size-fits-all answers. What we do have for you is a path to co-creating your best work culture based on our extensive research, specific steps you can take with the tools we provide that will get you to where you want to go. 

How We Got Here

What we have been doing hasn’t been working, how do we know? Things like stress, burnout, loneliness, and unhappiness at work are at all time highs, while mental health, wellbeing and engagement are low. Not to mention the millions of people leaving their jobs at a historic rate during The Great Resignation just might be another clue.

Thankfully wellbeing has taken center stage in the world and that includes being well at work. There is more wellness tech, mental health programs, books on creating happy teams and podcasts dedicated to how to be fulfilled at work than ever before. Yet with a greater need for solutions and better intentions why are we falling short? We sought out to undertand what we get wrong about wellbeing so we could get it right.

Better Understanding Your Own Motives Increases:

Personal Satisfaction

  • Find clarity about what you’re really looking for professionally, and why you may be satisfied or dissatisfied at this current stage.
  • Practically assess which parts of your work life are working for you and which are not.


  • See your work life in new ways as you consider why a specific motive may be of top importance for you.
  • Build a better filter for seeking out new roles or job opportunities.


  • Better recognize the right opportunities to meet your most important motives.


  • Take ownership of your work-wellness, so that you can make better decisions in your work life now, as well as think productively about where you want to go in the future.


  • Become equipped to clearly and easily talk with others – whether a manager, coworker, or partner – about what matters to you and to them in the work world.

Better Understanding The Motives Of Those You

Manage Or Work With Increases:


  • Learn to easily tune into the small, simple, but significant things that you can do for others – and that others can do for you – to make a meaningful impact for one another as you work together.


  • Gain a positive, accurate frame of reference for understanding and appreciating others’ differences, perspectives, and where they are in their work-life journey.
  • Sharpen your ability to perceive and respond well to your own emotions and to the emotions, triggers, and behavioral drivers of others in your workplace.

Good Managemet

  • Understand what truly motivates your team and become empowered to take individualized consideration, instead of a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Learn how to practically and meaningfully show the people who work for you that you care about their well-being at work.


  • Create more authentic connections and get to know those you work with as real people, beyond just their personality or strengths.


  • Learn simple ways to genuinely help others thrive, work more effectively and productively, and achieve more – as well as how to ask for what would help you.