Why Motives Matter

Dream with us for a moment.

At Motives Met we imagined a better working world, one with real wellbeing to create a better collective work life and workplaces for all.

One where we would have clarity on what we really need to create a work life we want to wake up to everyday. One where there was a way to determine what was working in our work life and what was not so we could create change. In this world, the relationship between the company and individual was truly a win-win for both and not just one-sided. We could show up as human beings with vulnerability and authenticity rather than unemotional robots who don’t feel things at our jobs. We could have greater insight into why we and others do what they do to bring out the best in ourselves and others at work. 

In this world, leaders and managers could tap into people’s unique motivation with individualized consideration in a way that, well, actually works. Work wellness wasn’t just talked about, but practiced and we knew how to create real well-being in our work life and mentally healthy workplaces. Companies would have a way to engage and keep their best people and employees would have a much desired reason to be loyal. Motive diversity could be celebrated and supported and a mindset cultivated that changed our perspective on how we show up at work to everyone’s benefit. There would be shared vocabulary to talk about our needs and motivators at work in a way everyone easily understood and respected. We would have a way to create more real connections below the surface and make our sometimes difficult work relationships healthier and more collaborative.

Motives Met helps make this work world a reality.

Better Understanding Your Own Motives Increases:

Personal Satisfaction

  • Find clarity about what you’re really looking for professionally, and why you may be satisfied or dissatisfied at this current stage.
  • Practically assess which parts of your work life are working for you and which are not.


  • See your work life in new ways as you consider why a specific motive may be of top importance for you.
  • Build a better filter for seeking out new roles or job opportunities.


  • Better recognize the right opportunities to meet your most important motives.


  • Take ownership of your work-wellness, so that you can make better decisions in your work life now, as well as think productively about where you want to go in the future.


  • Become equipped to clearly and easily talk with others – whether a manager, coworker, or partner – about what matters to you and to them in the work world.

Better Understanding The Motives Of Those You

Manage Or Work With Increases:


  • Learn to easily tune into the small, simple, but significant things that you can do for others – and that others can do for you – to make a meaningful impact for one another as you work together.


  • Gain a positive, accurate frame of reference for understanding and appreciating others’ differences, perspectives, and where they are in their work-life journey.
  • Sharpen your ability to perceive and respond well to your own emotions and to the emotions, triggers, and behavioral drivers of others in your workplace.

Good Managemet

  • Understand what truly motivates your team and become empowered to take individualized consideration, instead of a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Learn how to practically and meaningfully show the people who work for you that you care about their well-being at work.


  • Create more authentic connections and get to know those you work with as real people, beyond just their personality or strengths.


  • Learn simple ways to genuinely help others thrive, work more effectively and productively, and achieve more – as well as how to ask for what would help you.