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We try and shy away from referring to ourselves as a “work wellbeing program,” because most of these programs fall short in creating real long-lasting change. Wellbeing is something that is co-created, the degree motives are met will be impacted by the individual, co-workers, managers and the organization. When you use our customizable solution, you are co-creating a workplace for the long-haul where wellbeing is possible, mental and emotional health is a priority, and a culture is created that continues to attract the best people.

From our free resources to workshops, the assessment tool or measuring the health of motives at your organization, we help create the best possible solution unique to you.

The Pathway to Wellbeing Solution

Our comprehensive solution empowers people, companies and leaders to…
understand, be mindful of, measure, communicate and ultimately meet motives
to create better work cultures, relationships and workplaces for all.


  • Establish what work wellbeing means at your company in a way that can be easily adopted by all. When people share what we call their motive story and the “why” behind their needs, it creates deeper critical understanding.


  • Cultivate what we call the Motives Mindset using our Work Life Well-Lived Principles. The Motives Mindset is a way of thinking about motives to help leaders and employees make the most impact. It strengthens important aspects of a wellbeing culture like emotional intelligence, genuine connection, vulnerability and respecting motive diversity.


  • You have to measure wellbeing in order to elevate wellbeing. Our research shows wellbeing is messy and intangible, but Motives Met helps make the intangible tangible.


  • You can gather meaningful data that shows the degree each motive is thriving, surviving or suffering for your team or company. Whether through our custom research we can do for you or using our simple employee survey, you will gain meaningful insights to make wiser decisions and investments for the wellbeing at your organization.


  • When you use the Motives Met Assessment it becomes part of the company culture to be mindful of, and care about, all motives and the most important needs of others. Knowing about other people’s top motives helps you gain important perspective, support and mindfully interact with and relate to, your co-workers, peers, or employees.


  • It shines a spotlight that wasn’t there before so everyone can become aware of the motives they need to protect, strengthen and honor in themselves and the people around them the most.


  • Create a culture where talking about motives is the norm. One of the main barriers to meeting motives is that they are a missing conversation at work. Motives Met opens the door to critical conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise.


  • Create psychological safety where people can talk about their needs and provide a shared language to make communication more effective.


Ultimately we help you turn insights into action to create big impact and develop a strategic wellbeing roadmap.

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Motives tend to be a critical yet missing conversation at work. It isn’t the norm to communicate them and there isn’t common vocabulary to help people talk about them…until now. Motives Met is the conversation starter that provides the must needed shared langauge to talk about the stuff that matters in a way that can be easily understood.

The work world is evolving at a rapid pace, with increased automation, remote working, declining employee engagement, and ever-changing technology. That makes these conversations more important than ever. The future of work is much more emotionally intelligent than what previous generations were used to (and we’re here for it!).

Motives are at the heart of well-being in the workplace. When you use the Motives Met Assessment, you aren’t just talking wellness or implementing a one-off program. You’re living it, and your employees will admire you for it. Happier people, who have their emotional and psychological needs met, create a healthier more thriving business.