The 28 Motives

The Motives CircumplexTM

Achievement Personal Strengths Clear Expectations Peer Appreciation Company Appreciation Self-Esteem Peer Connection Belonging Fun Manager Support Security Calmness Fairness Work/Life Harmony Balanced Pace Shared Culture Prestige Trustworthy Leadership Passion Purpose Growth Challenge Future Success Variety Innovation Flexibility Autonomy Free Expression

The Motives Circumplex identifies the critical components that make up work wellbeing. We identified 28 motives that create a work life well-lived. The data for these motives group into 10 Domains, and we’ve named these Domains based on the shared qualities of the motives within them. Of course, motives won’t appeal equally to any one individual; a few motives rise to the top for each one of us, and those are our key emotional and behavioral drivers in this season of our lives.

Motives next to one another in the Circumplex have more in common, while motives across from one another are different. Domains across from one another, and the motives within them, are not “opposites” necessarily, but a dynamic tension exists between them. That is, they may be harder to satisfy at the same time than motives that are grouped together on one side of the Circumplex. Having two motives that are opposite from one another on may at times be a source of internal or even external tension, but it happens. It even happens frequently.

3 Things to Understand About Motives


1. There Are No Favorites

Motives Met, by nature of the data behind it, is an unbiased assessment. All motives are created equal, they are all positive and core components of work wellness, no motive is better than another. While we can all need these things to be well and perform well at work, we don’t need them to the same degree in the same way in the same season.  No one motive or combination of motives, or path to try and meet those motives, guarantees a great work life or an exceptional company. Exceptional workplaces and work relationships embrace motive diversity. All motives are worthy and support wellbeing but everyone’s top motives are different, valid, and deserve to be met.

2. Your Wellbeing is About Your Most Important Motives Right Now

If a motive isn’t in your top 5, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to you. It just isn’t one of your deepest needs or sources of motivation in this season. The Motives Met assessment shines a spotlight on the top motives that require your greatest attention, the ones you need ot honor, protect and strengthen the most. While motives don’t change rapidly, motives can change with time, evolving as aspects of your life and career evolve. This assessment measures what is most important to you right now.

3. Wellbeing is Personal, Not A One-Size-Fits-All

Meeting motives takes individualized consideration. Two people can have the same motive, but with very different reasons for why it matters to them, and with different ways it can be best supported and met. These results provide broad, helpful tips and best practices to begin meeting motives. To be most effective, you have to also understand the individual. This is true whether you’re using this assessment to better support yourself or to learn about and support others.

The 28 Motives